Cerberus Mouse

Chuột chơi game quang hai tay với công tắc DPI bốn nấc và chỉ báo LED tiện lợi
  • Điều khiển DPI linh hoạt - Bốn nấc DPI tùy chỉnh được với một đèn LED chỉ báo màu sắc
  • Thiết kế hai tay thời trang - Được thiết kế cho cả các game thủ thuận tay trái và thuận tay phải
  • Cao su ở hai bên giúp nắm chắc hơn - Giảm thiểu ra mồ hôi và trượt tay
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USB Backlit Keyboard

  • Full SECC metal plate - Rugged durability
  • Splash-proof design with drain hole - Prevents accidentally spilled liquids
  • 12 macro keys - Tactical flexibility
  • Fully rubberized feet - Enhanced friction for strong movements

Optical Gaming Mouse

  • Agile DPI control - 4 customizable DPI levels with LED color indicator
  • Stylish ambidextrous design - Designed for both right and left hand
  • Improved rubber side grips - Reduce sweating and slipping

Agile DPI control with LED color indicator

A DPI clutch enables instant switching among four customizable sensitivity levels, giving you the right amount of speed for standard gaming sequences and ultimate precision when you need it, such as when sniping. A convenient LED color indicator lets you know the current sensitivity level at a glance.

Stylish ambidextrous design

Designed to perfectly fit both right- and left-handed gamers and accommodate any grip type, Cerberus Gaming Mouse provides comfortable gaming experiences with total control.

Improved rubber side grips

Cerberus Gaming Mouse features improved rubber side grips that stay cool and reduce slipping from sweat to keep you holding on during intense gaming action.

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