[Wireless Router] Wireless Router Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Problem CategoryProblem itemFAQ link
Router FirmwareFirmware UpgradeHow to update the firmware of your router to the latest version
How to update the firmware of your router to the latest version via ASUS Router App
How to update firmware of my AiMesh node
Firmware upgrading failsHow to reset the router to factory default setting
ASUS router Hard Factory Reset
How to use Rescue Mode (Firmware Restoration)
No Power/No BootASUS router or adapter is No Power/No Boot/Power LED is not ON
Automatic restartRouter restarts automatically on a regular or irregular basis
Enter routerLogin to Router(Web GUI)How to enter the router setting page(Web GUI)
How to log in ASUS router via Telnet
How to enter the Access Point(AP) mode settings page (WebGUI)
Login to Router(ASUS router app)How to set Face ID for ASUS Router App login on iOS
How to manage multiple ASUS routers by ASUS router app
How to bind trust account to my ASUS router
Find the IP address of router 
(ASUS Device Discovery)
How to use ASUS Device Discovery to find the IP address of ASUS router
Router's username and password problemHow to change ASUS Router login name and password
How to fix the problem when I can’t login to ASUS Router WEB GUI via the username and the password
Router Internet connection settingsInternet connection setupHow to use the QIS (Quick Internet Setup) to set up Router ? (Web GUI)
How to set up ASUS Wi-Fi router via ASUS Router App? (QIS, Quick Internet Setup)
How to set up an Internet Connection?(WAN connection types)
Change router operation modeHow to set up repeater mode on ASUS Router
How to set up media bridge mode on ASUS Wireless Router
How to set up operation mode- Access Point(AP) mode
Dual Wan setupDual WAN introduction and setup
How to configure the Auto Network Detection while enabling the Dual WAN?
Plug, Share & Surf: Turn Your ASUS Router into a 4G/5G Hotspot Instantly (4G / 5G Auto Mobile Tethering)
WAN AggregationHow to enable WAN Aggregation on ASUS Router
Internet connection issuesHow to fix internet acess failure when using router 
Wireless settingsModify wireless name and passwordHow to modify Wireless(WiFi) Name and Password in ASUS Router? | Official Support | ASUS Global
What can I do if I forgot Wireless(WiFi) password
share your Wi-FiHow to share your Wi-Fi with family and friends
Modify wireless channels / DFS channelsHow to fix wireless Control Channel
What is DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) and how does it work on ASUS router
WiFi connectivity issueHow to fix random disconnection when wireless router or Range Extender is in repeater mode
How to fix Wi-Fi disconnection?
Wi-Fi Network Is Not Showing UpHow to fix when Wi-Fi network not showing up
Guest networkGuest network setupHow to set up Guest Network?
Connection speedWired connection speedHow to check the wired connection speed and network cable specifications for ASUS Wireless Router
Wireless connection speediPhone/Android phones are slow to connect to the router wireless (Wi-Fi) network
How to improve wireless speed by setting Channel Bandwidth in Wireless Router
How to improve Wi-Fi Connection
Quality of Service (QoS)How to check if the ASUS wireless router supports Adaptive QoS
How to enable the Website History feature in ASUS Router
How to set up Adaptive QoS - Bandwidth Limiter
AiMeshAiMesh settingHow to setup AiMesh system (Web GUI)
How to setup AiMesh system (ASUS Router APP-Android)
How to setup AiMesh system (ASUS Router APP-iOS)
How to setup ZenWiFi AiMesh system (Web GUI)
Ethernet backhaulHow to set up ASUS AiMesh or ZenWiFi Mesh Ethernet backhaul under different conditions (Advanced setup with network switch)
Can I set up wired connection between AiMesh routers (Ethernet backhaul)
What is Ethernet Backhaul Mode/Backhaul Connection Priority in AiMesh System and how to set up in different scenarios
Connection-relatedHow to bind my device to one specific AiMesh router or AiMesh node
Can I assign a preferred Uplink AP in an AiMesh system
How to Improve the Signal Quality between your AiMesh Router and AiMesh Node
LED IndicatorsLED switchHow to turn ON/OFF LED light of ASUS AiMesh router and AiMesh node (ASUS Router App)
LED color definitionHow to judge the current status of ZenWiFi Series Router from LED color
What is the meaning of the color of 4G-N12 LTE LED indicator
LED abnormalityHow to fix when ASUS router’s power LED flashing
How to fix when ASUS router’s WiFi LED light is not on
How to fix when ASUS router’s WAN LED acts abnormally
External USB disk connect External USB disk How to monitor your USB hard drive on ASUS Router
External USB disk detection failureHow to fix USB drive is not detected on ASUS router
FTP serverFTP server setupHow to set up Servers Center - FTP Share
FTP server is not accessibleWhy I cannot use windows file manager or web browser to access ASUS router FTP
Port ForwardingPort Forwarding setupHow to set up Virtual Server/Port Forwarding Rules on ASUS Router
VPN settingsVPN server 
PPTP / OpenVPN / IPSec VPN / WireGuard VPN
How to set up VPN server/VPN client on ASUS router and connect using different devices
VPN client 
OpenVPN / Ipsec / PPTP / WIireGuard / Surfshark
VPN Fusion
Instant Guard
Other VPN application related
IPv6IPv6 setupHow to set up IPv6 in ASUS Router
LANLAN IPHow to change LAN IP on ASUS Router 
DHCP serverHow to set up DHCP Server on ASUS Router
AiProtection AiProtection introAiProtection – Internet security and WiFi protection
Parental control setupHow to set up Parental Controls?(WebGUI)
How to set up Family(Parental Controls) via ASUS Router App
How to set up One-Tap Safe Browsing (Parental Controls) via ASUS Router App?
DDNSDDNS setupDDNS introduction and set up
How to remove the registered ASUS DDNS hostname in the router
How to transfer ASUS DDNS to new device
Software/ Hardware relatedASUS Router APP supported modelsWhat models of ASUS routers support ASUS Router App
IFTTT supported modelsWhich ASUS router models support IFTTT
Instant Guard supported modelsWhat ASUS routers do support Instant Guard
Compatibility listASUS Router 3G/4G USB Adapter Compatibility List for ASUS wireless routers and DSL modem routers
ASUS Router Plug-n-Share Disks Compatibility List