Troubleshooting for Desktop/ All-In-One devices

If you find any problems (e.g. cannot power on) with your desktop/all-in-one device, please check that the power cord, display connection cable and mouse/keyboard are all correctly connected.

If the problems occurred within the hardware of your device ( liquid spills, crash damage, module burned), please contact ASUS Product Support for assistance.


For troubleshooting device operation issues, please refer to the topics below:

Unable to boot (No display on screen)

Unable to boot - With power (Power Light is on)


System is not working properly (on-screen errors)

System runs slowly

Abnormal display

System automatically shut down/ reboots

System crash at desktop

Unable to enter the operating system


Wireless network doesn't work

Wireless Network fails to connect

Irregular disconnection of Wireless network

Low speed of Wireless network

Wired network doesn't work

Wired Network fails to connect

Irregular disconnection of Wired network

Low speed of Wired network

Player/speaker device doesn't work

No voice output of HDMI

No sound playing when Front/Back sound plug is connected  

Noise from player device

The microphone doesn't work

Microphone cannot receive the sound

Noise from microphone

About BIOS

Update the BIOS of desktop/ AIO

Software update/ upgrade 

How to update the driver

Windows Update

System Recovery

Recovery of Windows 10/11

Windows 10/11- Go back


Note: Please do not dismantle the desktop by yourself, otherwise, you will lose the right of warranty in your desktop

If you cannot solve your problem with the above solution, please contact ASUS Product Support for further assistance.


If you still cannot resolve your problem, download MyASUS and try the System Diagnosis for troubleshooting. Click below!