[Notebook] Laptop Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

The following lists the Laptop Frequently Asked Question (FAQ), you are able to find a troubleshooting solution to resolve the problem you met.

Problem CategoryProblem itemFAQ link
Windows Operating System / OfficePersonal files backup and restoreMyASUS - ASUS Switch
Use 「File History」 to back up and restore your files
System recoveryCloud Recovery within MyASUS in UEFI
Cloud Recovery within MyASUS in WinRE
What is the difference between the recovery options in Windows
How to reset the PC
How to create a System Restore point, and use it to restore your system
How to create Windows Recovery drive and use it to restore your system
How to create and use Windows System Image to restore your computer
How to go back to the previous version of Windows
How to fix recovery failed problem when resetting the PC
Windows default setting and functionLearning to use Windows 11/10
How to uninstall Apps, Windows installed updates, Drivers
Windows Hello (Biometrics, Facial recognition, Fingerprint scanner) Settings
How to enter Safe Mode
Windows operation and updateHow to use Windows Update in Windows OS
How to update Windows version (Feature Update)
How to uninstall Apps, Windows installed updates, Drivers
How to fix Windows update problems
Windows Activation, Retrieval, and Modification of Product Key
Windows reinstallationHow to create and use installation media to reinstall Windows 11/10 via USB drive
How to fix No drives can be found during Windows 11/10 installation
How to fix no Wi-Fi network connectivity when installing Windows 11
Office / Microsoft 365How to activate Microsoft 365
How to activate one-time purchase Office Home & Business (ex: Office 2021, or 2019)
How to uninstall Office programs
How to fix Office programs cannot start
DriverSearch user manual and driverHow to search and download drivers, utilities, BIOS and user manuals
Driver installationHow to check for driver updates
How to install drivers downloaded from ASUS support site
How to install Windows 10 driver when you can't find [setup.exe] or [install.exe]
Device ManagerHow to fix yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager
ApplicationMyASUSMyASUS Introduction
MyASUS - Device Settings
MyASUS - System Diagnosis
MyASUS in WinRECloud Recovery within MyASUS in WinRE
System Diagnostics within MyASUS in WinRE
ScreenXpertAsus ScreenXpert 3 (ScreenPad Plus) - Introduction
How to fix the ScreenPad Plus problems
ASUS ScreenXpert (Screenpad 2.0) - Introduction
How to fix the ScreenPad 2.0 problems
GlideXGlideX - Introduction
Cannot use Glidex Remote Desktop
Cannot find my device from the device list of Glidex
Cannot connect your devices to use Shared Cam in third-party video-communication services
Cannot connect your Devices via Bluetooth to use Communication in Glidex
Armoury CrateArmoury Crate Introduction
BIOSBIOS setting and updateHow to check for BIOS updates
How to enter the BIOS configuration
How to update BIOS in Windows OS
How to update BIOS with EZ Flash
How to boot the system from USB flash drive/CD-ROM
How to restore BIOS settings
How to fix Black Screen after BIOS update
MyASUS in UEFISystem Diagnostics within MyASUS in UEFI
Cloud Recovery within MyASUS in UEFI
Cannot power on / System problemCannot power on / Cannot enter Windows OSHow to fix Computer Boot Failure or No Display After Boot (Black Screen)
How to fix Error message 'Secure Boot Violation' appears
How to fix it shows BitLocker recovery screen after power on/Find BitLocker recovery key
S.M.A.R.T Error warning after power on
How to fix Black Screen after BIOS update
Automatic Repair (Startup Repair) on Boot
How to fix Device Cannot Enter Windows System
Crash / System problem / Blue Screen Error / Auto RestartHow to fix System Error Messages or Unresponsiveness (Freeze/Black Screen/White Screen during usage)
How to fix Blue Screen Errors in Windows (BSOD)
How to fix the auto Shutdown/Restart problem
How to fix the Unable to Shut Down problem
System low speedHow to fix System is running slowly
Frozen ASUS logoHow to fix frozen ASUS / ROG logo screen
Sleep, Hibernate, and Resume problemComputer does not wake from Sleep or Hibernate mode
Computer does not go into Sleep or Hibernate mode
Device Automatically Enters Sleep or Hibernate
Enters BIOS after power onHow to fix Computer directly enters BIOS Utility/Aptio Setup Utility after power on
Keyboard / Touch padKeyboard / Function(Fn) problemAsus Keyboard hotkeys - Introduction
How to fix Laptop Built-in Keyboard Issues
How to fix Why can I not find the hotkeys driver (ATKACPI)
How to fix External Keyboard problems
Keyboard backlightHow to enable Backlit Keyboard
How to fix keyboard backlight problems
Touch pad problemGetting to know the touchpad
How to fix the Touchpad abnormal problems
Display / Touch screen displayNo displayHow to fix Computer Boot Failure or No Display After Boot (Black Screen)
Display abnormalHow to fix Main (Internal) Display Problems
Touch screen abnormalGetting to know the touch screen
How to fix Touchscreen/Touch Panel problems
External monitor problemHow to connect your PC to one or more external monitors with different connectors
How to fix Display problem on External monitors
Graphics Card problemHow to fix the computer fails to detect Graphics Card
Charger and BatteryCannot charging or charge fullHow to fix the battery cannot provide power/be charged, or be fully charge or Notebook will not boot with battery
Charge slowlyHow to fix the slow charging / battery draining while plugged in
Short battery lifeHow to fix the short battery life problem (battery drains fast)
Hard disk / SSD / Optical driveHard disk (HDD) problemHow to fix Hard Disk Drive (HDD) problems
S.M.A.R.T Error warning after power on
Solid-state disk (SSD) problemHow to fix Solid State Drive (SSD) problems
Optical drive problemHow to fix CD/DVD drive problems
CameraCamera problemGetting to know Using Camera and Microphone
How to fix Camera problems
Wi-Fi / Networking / BluetoothWireless (Wi-Fi) problemGetting to know Connect to a Wi-Fi network
How to fix Computer Wireless Network (Wi-Fi) Issues
Networking problemGetting to know Connect to a wired network (Ethernet network)
How to fix Computer Wired Network (Ethernet) Issues
Bluetooth connection problemGetting to know Bluetooth connection
How to fix the Bluetooth connection issue
SoundSpeaker and Microphone problemGetting to know Using Camera and Microphone
How to fix the Sound (Speakers/Microphones) problems
Fingerprint recognitionFingerprint recognition problemFingerprint recognition settings (Windows Hello)
How to fix Fingerprint recognition problems
Input / OutputUSB / Type-CHow to determine the function of USB Type-C
How to fix USB connection problems
How to fix the USB Type-C problems
SD Card / Card ReaderHow to fix SD card/Card reader issue
Device defectAppearanceGetting to know your Notebook PC
Customer Induced Damage (CID) criteria
OverheatingHow to fix Computer Overheating and Fan issues